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First Aid Instruction - Sechelt, Sunshine Coast, BC Canada
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Wednesday July 24th 2024
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First Aid Courses

We offer internationally recognized First Aid certification courses for individuals and groups, specializing in on-site training from groups and business on the Sunshine Coast of BC. For more information about these or any of our courses please don´t hesitate to contact us 604 741 5009
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Community First Aid

Community First Aid

These Courses are designed to provide essential skills to interested Good Samaritans (volunteers, families, etc...) who are interested in first aid but do not require a workplace first aid certification.
Occupational First Aid

Workplace First Aid

First Aid & CPR training is mandatory for some employees in the workplace (Occupational First Aid formerly known as Industrial First Aid). These courses have been specifically designed to meet special workplace requirements, however the skills and knowledge are also applicable to everyone´s daily life.
To find out if your workplace requires this level of certification (in British Columbia) WorkSafe BC has provided a this handy tool:
First Aid Assessment

Child Care First Aid

Child Care First Aid

First Aid training specifically focused for child care workers. As with all first aid courses the skills and knowledge have relevance for every day life but the scenarios and topics have been geared specifically for child care.
Not intended for professional child care workers, the babysitter course is designed for youth:
Marine First Aid Training

Marine First Aid

Seafarers require specific training in first aid as mandated by Transport Canada. These courses focus more on the hazards of the marine environment.
Wilderness and Remote First Aid

WIlderness and Remote First Aid

Wilderness & Remote First Aid & CPR is for individuals who recreate or live in isolated or wilderness settings and need to respond to emergencies when advanced care is not immediately available.

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This course was perfectly suited to my learning style,
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The instructor was fantastic"
For more information about the various CPR Levels included in these courses refer to our
CPR Level Comparison Guide

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