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Thursday February 22nd 2024

Requirement or Personal Interest

First and foremost the primary factor that will affect which first aid course is right for you will be if the course/certification is required (and therefore dictated) or if you are interested in training and can freely choose a course.

Required Certifications

Required first aid training can be mandated by several bodies in Canada. In many cases WorkSafe BC will dictate first aid attendant requirements for a workplace. In some cases the required certification may be dictated by Transport Canada. In other cases the organization or a professional association itself my impose their own requirements (many health care fields follow this model) Finally, sometimes you will be required to hold more then one certification if, for example, both Transport Canada and WorkSafe BC regulations apply to you.

In any of the above cases the only way to know the correct first aid course is to contact the organization that is requiring the certification and ask them what certification you require. BC First Aid can not advise you about required certifications. There are simply too many different possibilities depending on where you work or volunteer and which organizations are involved.

For those who are re-certifying, it is best to double check with the organization(s) before you register for a course because requirements frequently change.

Personal Interest

If, on the other hand, you are seeking a first aid course for personal interest then your can choose more freely. All things being equal, if you have never taken a first aid course before, we recommend you consider   Standard First Aid course. This provides a good grounding and more practical time for those new to first aid.

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