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First Aid Instruction - Sechelt, Sunshine Coast, BC Canada
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Saturday May 25th 2024

Workplace/Occupational First Aid

First Aid & CPR training is mandatory for some employees in the workplace. These skills and knowledge are also applicable to everyone´s daily life. This is why we teach people First Aid & CPR in easy-to-follow steps, empowering them to act on, prevent, and manage life´s emergencies. In the past this type of training was known as ´Industrial First Aid´ it is now referred to as ´Occupational First Aid´ frequently abbreviated as simply OFA.

To find out if your workplace requires these levels of certification (in British Columbia) WorkSafe BC has provided a helpful First Aid Assessment tool to assist you.

Workplace First Aid Courses are designed to provide essential skills to meet the requirements of the workplace and assist those who are interested in first aid. For those not requiring the workplace certification the community first aid certification might be a better option.
Workplace Occupational First Aid Training
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