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Thursday August 6th 2020

Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)

Transport Canada requires proof of operator competency for small vessels. It can take one of three forms:
  1. A Pleasure Craft Operator Card;
  2. Proof of having successfully completed a boating safety course in Canada prior to April 1, 1999;
  3. A completed rental-boat safety checklist.

A Pleasure Craft Operator Card is issued following the successful completion of an accredited test. This proof of competency is the most common.

If you have taken a boating safety course prior to April 1, 1999, the certificate you obtained is a valid proof of operator competency. However, the certificate must clearly show that the course you took was taken in Canada and prior to April 1, 1999.

If you are renting a pleasure craft fitted with a motor you must complete a rental boat safety checklist. This will be considered your proof of competency and is valid for the duration of the rental period.

PCOC Card Requirements

The Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations require operators of pleasure craft fitted with a motor and used for recreational purposes to have proof of competency on board at all times.

These requirements were phased in... but now, proof of operator competency is required for: All operators.

BCFirst Aidīs PCOC Course

BC First Aid is a Canadian Lifesaving Society īBOATī program Authorized Provider based on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

The Lifesaving Society has been providing boating and swimming and water safety education for more than 100 years. The BOAT study guide has all you need to make passing the test as easy as possible:

After the test, keep your study-guide handy as a great reference for you and your family.
Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Convenient Study and Test

Upon successful completion of the test (passing grade is 75%), you will immediately receive a temporary Pleasure Craft Operator Card. The Lifesaving Society will then issue and mail your permanent card for receipt within 90 days. The fastest and most convenient way to get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card

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