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First Aid Instruction - Sechelt, Sunshine Coast, BC Canada
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Wednesday May 22nd 2019
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Blended CPR A + AED

This course provides adult CPR techniques, for individuals who want an overview of CPR or for those that require a CPR-A certification. The course covers skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies for adults (CPR) and other topics such as choking, airway and breathing emergencies.




  1. Mar 17th 2019, 17:00 - 19:00

Course Overview

  • A 4-hour course with flexible scheduling options
  • Compare with other CPR Levels Level A CPR
  • Provides you with a 3-year valid certification
  • Includes AED (Automated External Defibrillation) certification

Topics Include

  • How to respond to emergencies
  • The EMS system
  • The 3 key principles in First Aid - Check, Call, Care
  • How to deal with:
    • Airway Emergencies
    • Breathing & Circulation Emergencies for adults
  • First Aid for Respiratory & Cardiac Arrest for adults
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